Advanced Technology Development / Insertion

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Advanced Technology Development and Insertion

JRC has extensive experience managing complex research and development (R&D) projects for government and commercial clients. From prototype development to proof of concept demonstrations, our engineers use disciplined engineering processes and key design tools to ensure meaningful and successful results. Our engineering staff has a broad range of experience in several disciplines. Our core capabilities include:

  • Unmanned Undersea Systems program and operations support
  • Energy/Power Systems development
    • Thermal management systems expertise
    • Alternative/renewable energy conversion systems development
  • Research and Development program management
  • Proof of concept / prototype / hardware development
  • Custom Software/Decision Support/Controls development
    • Software Development Plans, Software Requirement Specifications, and Configuration Management Plans
    • Advanced analytical tools, including MatLab and Satellite Tool Kit
    • Complex algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis and numeric computation