Navy SSP Experience

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US Navy, Strategic Systems Programs

JRC Integrated Systems, Inc. has several years of dedicated experience (since 2003) with the Navy’s Strategic Systems Programs. JRC has certain unique capabilities, experience, and functions supporting SSP. JRC brings a wealth of subject matter expertise to the unique challenges facing SSP.

JRC has detailed experience in the unique requirements associated with Nuclear Weapons Security to include systems requirements, DoD policy, and systems technologies. JRC also has unique expertise in emerging and future technologies as part of research and development for nuclear weapons security systems.

For submarine-launched ballistic missile weapons systems, JRC has detailed technical experience with both fielded systems (OHIO Class submarines) and with the development of new technologies for the OHIO Replacement program. JRC has developed a workforce with extensive experience in these technical areas to act as a key team member with SSP to fulfill its missions in the areas of Nuclear Weapons Security systems, Launcher Systems and support equipment, OHIO and OHIO Replacement program weapons systems, and SSP facilities and facility planning.