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JRC is able to provide world-class professional support services for all NAVSEA Program Offices, Directorates, and field activities through the Seaport-e contract vehicle.  We have received a prime contract award as a result of the Seaport-e Rolling Admissions solicitation N00178-11-R-4000.

JRC is committed to providing the best possible service.

For questions regarding our Seaport-e services, please contact:

Amante Legaspi, Head of Contracts
1201 M St. SE Suite G40
Washington, DC 20003

Amante Legaspi, Customer Satisfaction
1201 M St. SE Suite G40
Washington, DC 20003

Quality Assurance

Monitoring and Maximizing Quality

JRC will focus on providing the Navy with complete visibility of technical, contractual, and financial status throughout contract performance, ensuring that Seaport Enhanced Project Office personnel are constantly aware of program progress and challenges.

The key to JRC’s success in our contracts to date has been the close and candid interaction between members of the management team and Government representatives. To support monitoring and reporting of qualitative performance aspects, we will continue to collect data on tasking performed. Task execution summaries will be prepared for each task order on a monthly basis and will be submitted to the Government in accordance with the contract requirements.

Upon contract award, JRC will appoint a QA Manager who will be integral to our process of monitoring and reporting on quality performance. QA will be vested with the autonomy to monitor all program aspects, including those executed by our subcontractors, and they will provide independent assessment of products and services delivered under this contract. The QA Manager will report directly to the Vice President for Operations on quality matters to ensure objective and unbiased reporting. However, to ensure effectiveness and correction at the lowest level, they will work in cooperation with the Task Coordinators and Program Manager during both planning and execution.

Guaranteeing Responsiveness to and Cooperation with the Customer

The short, open, and responsive lines of communication that connect Team JRC’s internal management team are designed to ensure timely oversight, direction, and control of every contract. Communication across large distances is facilitated by the use of technology and Web-enabled tools to promote responsiveness, even over multiple time zones.

Organizationally, the PM is the center point for communications on this effort. He has direct lines of communication to the JRC President for resource support; to the Regional Zone Coordinators to ensure coordinated technical execution; to our subcontractor PMs for Team-wide control and integration; and to support staff for contractual, financial, and administrative support.

The primary contractor-to-customer communication will be between the Team JRC PM and the Program Project Office Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). Additional supporting lines of communication will exist between the Task Coordinators and their respective Government counterparts. By empowering Task Coordinators to communicate directly with Technical Points of Contact (TPOCs), we will increase responsiveness and effectiveness.

Candid dialogue with the COR and TPOCs is crucial to our responsiveness and credibility and ensures we remain abreast of the Warfare Centers’ requirements, enabling us to develop methods for increasing effectiveness while cutting costs and minimizing risk. The Team JRC PM and the COR will use both formal reporting channels and informal daily communication to provide an uninhibited flow of information. The PM will continuously and candidly communicate with the COR on issues related to technical problems and risk, contract and financial status, and deliverable products and quality. Any issues that could impact technical capability will be immediately reported along with recommended solutions for the COR’s consideration.

Problem resolution

The early identification and resolution of problems is essential to the success of any technical endeavor. Team JRC’s management techniques and tools enhance communication throughout the organization to ensure efficient problem resolution. NAVSEA Warfare Centers will benefit from our policy of resolving problems at the lowest possible level.

The problem resolution process relies on the following elements:

  • Identify/analyze problems, report to appropriate personnel
  • Determine root cause/associated risks/potential solutions
  • Communicate problems and solutions to the appropriate management level and customer
  • Track problem status/impact, and the corrective actions
  • Execute the necessary steps to resolve or mitigate problems and prevent recurrence

Risk areas fall into a cost, schedule, or technical category, or a combination of all three. Team JRC’s personnel carefully manage these aspects and keep the COR informed. We use the team’s combined experience in applying sound management principles to resolve technical problems. Additionally, establishing and maintaining a close professional working relationship with Warfare Center personnel, ensures that Team JRC remains proactive in resolving problems rather than reactive.


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